Karen's Home Ec. Favorites

Crystal Palace Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

These are my go-to needles. They provide just enough resistance so the yarn doesn’t slip off my needles and the polished bamboo is joy in the hands. Also, the rotating, smooth join means there’s no trouble transferring from cable to needle. Knit on! And on and on and on!

Valdani Embroidery Thread
Take your embroidery to the next level with this high quality, hand-dyed 100% pearl cotton floss. These convenient balls don’t need to be un-plied for use. They are easy to store, and create less waste! I love mixing and matching the variegated colorways with the single colors to create rich hues and enhance texture on my embroidery canvases! Also great for stitching on quilts…or anywhere else you’d like a little color!

Habu Stainless Steel Yarn
I know—this looks like a thread! But it allows you to create the most wonderful accessories—and it helps to stop curling. I just knit a sophisticated, lacy, autumn scarf holding a strand of Habu Stainless Steel with a fingering-weight yarn. The little glints from the Habu really make this beauty shine!

Some of my very favorite things in the shop are a pink including:

The beautiful Swan’s Island Fingering yarn. A generous skein at 525 yards that knits up in soft, tonal saturated deep rose-y glory.

Heather Ross’s Far Far Away fabric collection lets unicorns leap for joy on a background of raspberry pink & flowers.

Our new fabric from Windham presents many tiered cakes on a light pink background—this would make such a cute apron, or party napkins!

Don’t like pink? Are you sure? Take a look at our shot cotton—there’s a glimmer of red in there! Still not