Linzee's Home Ec Favorites

Aurifil thread: It took a lot of convincing to get me to buy my first spool of Aurifil thread. It seemed so expensive! But I've never bought any other kind since. Aurifil produces so much less lint than other threads, keeping my sewing machine's innards cleaner. I rarely, if ever, have issues with tangling. And a spool lasts forever. I use it for sewing, piecing quilts, and for machine quilting. 

Clover Desk Needle Threader: For "eyes of a certain age," this is indispensable! I keep mine in a box with needles and thread for binding, embroidery, and other handsewing projects.

505 Spray: I learned about this early in my quilting days and have never looked back. Use it to adhere batting and backing to quilt tops in preparation for quilting—no need for safety pins! Because I wash my quilts—I love the puckery look they get when the batting and fabric shrink a bit—I never worry about chemical residue. And if I don't finish quilting right away, the 505 continues to stick. A big time-saver.

Madeline Tosh yarn: I love all Madeline Tosh yarn. The subtle variations in color add so much to the right project and the yarn has a resiliency that makes it a pleasure to knit with.

Valdani Embroidery Threads: I consider these the Madeline Tosh of embroidery threads—the threads have the same subtle, yet rich variations in color. A little ball goes a long way, and I love that unlike traditional skeins of embroidery floss, it's not necessary to split the thread into sections. Less tangling, prettier results.