Embroidery: Not your Grandma's tea towels

Embroidery: Not your Grandma's tea towels
With Eleanor Cotton
Friday, July 1st, 6-9 pm
$30 + supplies

Sorry Grandma*, but we are kicking those day-of-the-week-personified-animal tea towels to the curb and whipping up new tea towels using the Sublime Stitching patterns. Using these patterns, you could embroider an anatomically correct heart or a Sexy Librarian on to a tea towel (along with many other options)! You will learn basic (and advanced, if desired) embroidery stitches and leave with one cool towel, guaranteed to make dish washing way more fun.
*Grandmothers are welcome and encouraged to take this class ☺
Supplies needed: One sublime stitching pattern pack, embroidery floss, needles, embroidery hoop, tea towel