Weaving: Make a Picture Frame Loom

Weaving: Make a Picture Frame Loom
With Erin Kuester
Wednesday, March 14th 5 - 7pm
$40 + supplies
picture from Urban Outfitters
Want to try out weaving, but are a little hesitant about investing in all the supplies? No worries! You can make a cheap and easy loom with materials that you already have around the house! In this class, learn how to make a loom using a picture frame and nails, how to warp the loom, and do basic weaving.
Supplies needed:
* Tapestry needle
* Scissors
* A dowel (or one single knitting needle, size 8 - 10)
* A wooden picture frame of your choosing (a 5x7 will work well)...one that is plain without a lot of decoration is best
* A hammer (we will have a few extra if you don't have your own)
* Scraps of yarn/different skeins (anything in your stash will work, but worsted or heavier is preferable)