Ice Dyeing

Ice Dyeing
With Frankie Scneckloth
Saturday, May 21 from 1-3 and Sunday, May 22 11-12 (rinse etc)
$40 + Supplies


This technique is super easy to learn and great for creating unique dyed garments or for one-of-a-kind dyed fabric. We will cover a variety of binding methods that can be used and create beautiful results using dry dye powder and ice. Please bring white all-natural yardage or freshly washed white garments.  Also, please bring a selection of powdered Procion dyes (available at Blick in IC)  in your favorite colors.  We will be layering multiple colors, so keep that in mind as you select. (2 session class)
Supplies Needed:  Natural fiber white fabric or garments, 3 colors of procion dye powder (available at blick in IC)