Knitting: Knit 101

Knitting: Knit 101
with Ann Rushton
Saturdays, November 14 OR 21 OR 28, 1-2:30 pm 
$30 + supplies
Skill level: Beginner
You've witnessed a friend or family member, perhaps even a work colleague, pull out their knitting and marveled at the ease in which they've created such customized works of art. You've said to yourself, "I want to learn too!" Whether it's learning a new hobby or dusting off your knitting skills, this class is for you. We will click-clack our way into the world of knitting first by learning the basics: terminology, casting on and the garter stitch. You will leave this class a knitter.
Supplies Needed:size 8-10 light colored worsted weight yarn. We look forward to helping you pick out your yarn and supplies!