Knitting: Topsy-Turvy Toys: Hedgehog/Squirrel

Knitting: Topsy-Turvy Toys: Hedgehog/Squirrel
With Eleanor Cotton
Wednesdays, August 12 and 19, 7-9 pm
$50 + supplies  
skill level: beginner 

 Image source: RAVELRY 

Using the clever patterns from the Topsy Turvy Toy book, you will make an adorable knitted hedgehog-that flips inside out into a squirrel! Only a basic knowledge of the knit stitch is necessary, and through making the toys, you will learn other helpful knitting techniques, such as increasing, decreasing, and knitting-in-the-round.

Supplies needed:
* Topsy Turvy Toy book * Brown, grey and cream worsted weight yarn * size 6 dpn (double point needles). 

(Two session class)