Colorwork: Endless Rose Cowl

Colorwork:   Endless Rose Cowl
and Rauma Yarn Trunk Show
With the Yarn Guys, Jeffrey and Dennis from Freeport IL
September 26 and October 24, 1-3
$55 + supplies
We couldn't be more excited to be a hosting a color work workshop with the Yarn Guys, Jeffrey and Dennis! They will be teaching their Endless Rose Cowl pattern. During the first class you will learn the provisional cast on technique, tips for two color knitting and prepping the cast-on for removal.  During the second class be ready to tackle two color grafting in pattern.
Supplies Needed : US 2.5 - 4 12 or 16 inch circular needles, (tight knitters can go up to  US4 while others can use the 2.5 but can use 3 if unable to find the US2.5) Size C crochet hook. Small amount of waste yarn,Rauma Yarn 
two darning needles (I prefer two different sizes or colors to help distinguish between them).  A second circular of any length or a small circular stitch holder will make the grafting easier.