Knitting: Fairisle Hat

Knitting: Fair Isle or fairisle Hat
With Greg Cotton
Thursdays, May 18 and 25, 7-9
$40, + Yarn and Needles


Contemporary knitters throw around the term "fairisle" pretty loosely, often using it to refer to any knitting design involving two or more colors.  In fact, true Fair Isle knitting involves a very sophisticated use of colors, with both pattern and background colors shifting throughout the design.
In this class we'll knit a true Fair Isle hat with some possibilities for some fairisle patterning as well, all in luscious shades of purples and grays, with lively accent colors of soft green and bright pink.  Although this hat involves that sophisticated and very cool color pattern, this is a good project for someone who hasn't yet experienced color pattern knitting.  One caveat though...once you play around with true Fair Isle knitting, you'll be spoiled for other colorwork!
Pick up a yarn bundle and the pattern when you register, then cast on and knit the ribbing before our first class meeting.  In addition to the yarn and pattern, you'll need either 1) 2 #1 24" circular needles and 2 #3 24" circular needles, or 2) 1 #1 16" circular needle and 1 #3 16" circular needle and 4 #3 double pointed needles.