Eleanor's Home Ec. Favorites

Val’s Chocolate Mocha Cookies
These cookies are heaven on earth. They are so rich, chocolaty and moist without being too overwhelmingly sweet. The cookies are just fantastic from beginning to end; they smell delicious when I take them out of the oven, they look delicious while sitting in the cute little display, and they taste delicious when I am stuffing them in my mouth. All in all, pretty much the best cookie ever!

Molly Makes Embroidery
Usually, I embroider really classic things, such as dish towels with flowers and days of the week on them, which can get slightly boring. I got the Molly Makes Embroidery Book for my birthday and it has been one of my favorite books since-it brings embroidery into the 21st century. It has the most adorable patterns and ideas, not to mention a fantastic photo glossary of all the stitches used in the projects. I have learned so many new techniques and stitches, which has made this book a new staple in my library!

Washi Dress Pattern
Before this summer, whenever I would want something sewn, I would bribe my sister to do it, with the promises of remaining fabric and a free pattern. However, I decided that this past summer I was going become at least an independent sewer. The Washi Dress pattern was one of the first things that I sewed mostly by myself. I cannot express how much I love this pattern! It is so versatile, and so easy to make, and gave me the confidence to sew even more!

Cascade 220
Cascade is my go-to yarn for nearly any project for many reasons. First, it is super affordable-you can make a hat for 9 dollars! Second, it is 100% wool-it will actually keep you warm during the long Iowa winters! Third, you can pretty much order any color you could possibly imagine-so the possibilities are endless! Finally, Cascade 220 is really easy to knit with; it doesn’t split, it’s not too slick and it makes a really beautiful final project.

Topsy Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys
This book is literally the cutest thing ever! You make an adorable little toy that flips inside out into another adorable toy; it is twice the adorableness in a single toy! The patterns are super easy to follow and knit up really fast. The reactions you get to the toy are also amazing. Crafters and Non-Crafters alike will think the toy is really cute, but when you flip the toy inside out, their minds will be blown! Nothing else will ever be as cute and they will forever be completely impressed by your amazing knitting skills.