Knitting: Ballband Dishcloth

Knitting:  Ballband Dishcloth 
with Ann Rushton 
Saturday May 10, 1-3pm 
$20 + supplies 

Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth by Peaches and Cream Design Team (Free on Ravelry)

Skill level: So easy a caveman can do it.

Listen-it's spring. No one has time to do anything but shuttle kids around or rake the garden or start pretending to run those three miles. I get it! But that doesn't mean knitting needs to take a backseat on your bucket list. This dishcloth pattern is fun, easy, cute, and totally portable. Take it to the soccer game, to the quick outdoor lunch-break, and/or the beer garden. This dishcloth makes doing the dishes almost enjoyable. Bring the pattern, a pencil, size 7 or 8 needles (straight or 16"-20" circulars) and two colors worsted cotton or cotton blend yarn. Home Ec has some great choices in stock!